Kelly Rivett
Set Dresser ¦ Props Buyer ¦ Graphics Designer


Kelly grew up in the Limestone Coast of South Australia. She attended a Reception- Year 12 Area School, where she gained a broad knowledge in construction, arts, agriculture, English, sports and IT. As a teenager she had a huge passion for watching Australian Drama on Television including 'A Country Practice', 'Hey! Dad', 'Blue Heelers' and 'All Saints'. When she saw the first episode of 'McLeod's Daughters' in August 2001 that was when she said to herself she was going to work on that show.

She graduated Dux of the school and chose to study a double degree in IT and Media Arts at the University of South Australia. It was during this time Kelly rediscovered her passion for film and television prompting her to apply to McLeod's Daughters for work experience. In 2007 she spent 2 weeks doing work experience there with the Art Department and Assistant Directors. She was trained for the position of Art Department Coordinator and was eventually offered a position as a Set Dresser, thus beginning her career in the industry.

Kelly has since gone onto work on Australian and International feature film and television productions including 'Home and Away', 'Broken Hill' and 'Kambing Jantan: The Movie". She was also Production Designer on 'Six Characters' (working title) for director Robert Marchand.

She has a keen interest in photography, having assisted her mother with newspaper photography since she was a young child. As a teenager Kelly taught herself to use programs like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and used these skills to develop graphics for a variety of projects and community groups. Her wine label design was selected as the winner of a competition for a school's wine range.

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